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Christa Espost

This artist and mother mostly paints local landscapes of places which inspire her.

She was born in a barren place where the land has a different kind of beauty, one that has a certain harshness. The place is called Boesmanland or Bushmanland. It is in the Northern Cape of South Africa and not far from the Namibian border. Here people live secluded on their farms – far from their neighbours – dependent on nature. Here people experience hardships in the form of barren lands, long, dry summers and winters with little rain. The residents that live here and that had settled here long ago mostly farm and try to make a living with what they have.

Christa understands this beauty and sometimes misses the openness of the plains where she heard sheep with her dad. At this time she was not even going to school yet.

It is this manner of toughness and easy, pure artistic nature that she displays in her art.

“I’m an artist that likes to paint landscapes and nature scenes.” This is how she describes her art.


“Dirt Road…..makes me think of my childhood and the roads we travel homewards.”


dirt road christa espost art
Dirt Road

Her material:

She mainly uses oil paint on canvas. She also enjoys experimenting with different techniques.

Her style:



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