• apple dessert with coconut milk and almond flakes
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    Apple dessert with coconut milk and almond flakes

    Wintery apple dessert with coconut milk and almond flakes. Light and fluffy, health conscious dessert. Ingredients 1.5 cups cake flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/3 cup brown sugar Pinch of salt 2 eggs 80 ml cooking oil ½ tin coconut milk 1 apple A handful of Almond flakes Icing sugar for dusting Method Heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Beat the two eggs together in a bowl. Add the oil and coconut milk and mix well. Now add the sugar, salt, baking powder and flour and combine to form the batter. Cut the apple in slices. Grease two small cake tins or 2 large muffin tins. Add half of…

  • spinach and feta quiche
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    Spinach, Feta & Mushroom Quiche

    Meat-free Mondays or just don’t know what to cook? Here’s a nice veggie recipe for you to try out! This is a no hassle, no crust recipe. Ingredients a cup or more cooked spinach a cup mozzarella or Edam cheese 200 g mushrooms 150 g black pepper feta 4 eggs a cup of milk some salt and pepper one garlic clove a bit of olive oil Method Whisk the eggs and the milk together. In a pan, fry the thinly sliced mushrooms, salt, pepper and some garlic together in a bit of olive oil. Add the cooked spinach and fried mushrooms to the bottom of an oven proof bowl. Sprinkle…

  • healthy oats flapjacks
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    Healthy Flapjacks

    Wheat free flapjacks! A healthy take on flapjacks – still delicious and oh so easy! Ingredients one large banana one cup oatso easy or quick cooking oats 2 small eggs some honey to serve Method Put the contents of one sachet oatso easy into a mug and add boiling water to make a cup of oats (I took strawberry flavoured oats). If you only have the original flavour add a tablespoon of strawberry jam. Mash the banana in a bowl as fine as possible not to leave any chucks, beat the eggs together and add them to the banana and blend well. Then add the oats and stir until just…