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Have you met this design diva?

Local artist #2

What is her name – her name is Jonaline Kane.

Jonaline is not any local designer – she’s a girl with talent and experience. When she talks about her design plans she gets a special shine in her eyes which makes it impossible for you to resist and you just have to find out what she’s up to.

Through the way that she talks about her designs and how she has made them, she seems to be much older than she actually is. When it comes to marketing and networking it is difficult to stop her. She has even previously designed for a brand that supplies to YDE.

Jonaline originally comes from Zimbabwe where she has won prizes in her school for her innovative design work. She likes working with material and designs jewellery as well. “I have an eye for unique prints and quality”.

“We then began to make more bags with my mother Irene and she has now added to our collection beaded jewellery. With every design we have created and more to come…”.

Look out for her designs at The Palms market on Saturdays.

She will also be seen at other markets soon – follow her Facebook page to keep up with her newest designs – and boy will you have to keep up!



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