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Are you ready for the journey? Afrofuturism with SA artist Carla Inez Espost

Afrikaner Apokolips – the new Afrofuturistic art series by local artist Carla Inez Espost.

From Installation-art to photography and eventually video, especially 360-degree videos, to VR-virtual reality game design, Carla has been a creative architect-story-teller of sorts since she was a child.

At one of her previous exhibitions at the Momo Gallery in Cape Town, she presented a shrine labelled ‘Afrikaner Apokolips Shrine’ 2017. Multimedia interactive installation. As Carla put it, the Shrine “offers a visual analogy of the interactive narrative writing process wherein players are key writers of the game story”.


Her latest exhibition was held in Gardens in Cape Town. It featured African-Futuristic genre art, inspired by her most recent and ongoing project ‘African Film Noir SciFi Game’ – Year 2075: !Hui Gaeb City, formerly Cape Town; drinking water has vanished & diamonds are used to purify seawater”.

diamant map carla inez espost

The journey was inspired by readings from parts of south african history and writings about diamond smugglers and the like, as well as game design and imagining a future where the whole world is submerged in water, because of global warming. Cape Town, South Africa, is seen as the place to visit and experience the sun, as everyone is living in massive under-water cities.

mzanzi 2075
Mzanzi 2075, Carla Inez Espost

This is a brilliant depiction of a futuristic, african city where technology is advanced, submersible cars and cities. Here, Africa is re-imagined as world-class and the place to be.

loyiso mkize afro futurism
Loyiso Mkize: Exodus, The Heroic Age

Other artist depicting a futuristic Africa, a place at the forefront of technological innovations, is Loyiso Mkize. His artwork labelled ‘Exodus, the Heroic Age, 2018 was exhibited at the Zeitz MOCAA museum in Cape Town.

You can find out more about Carla’s art and latest projects here:

Or follow her on Instagram @afrikanerapokolips

carla inez espost

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