salmon fishcakes
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Salmon Fishcakes

salmon fishcakes
salmon fishcakes

So you feel like having some fish tonight but only have a tin of salmon? Here is an easy recipe for you to get your fishy satisfaction.

1 tin salmon
One onion, cut into pieces
One chili, finely cut
One clove garlic, cut into pieces
Some coriander, finely chopped
Cayenne pepper
Lemon juice
Some flour – about ¾ cup or less
Some milk – about 1/3 cup
2 eggs
1 tomato, sliced
Half a cup coconut flakes

Fry half a cup coconut flakes in a little bit of oil on very low heat for about a minute. Let cool.
Fry the garlic, onion and tomato with some oil and salt and pepper.

In a bowl mix the eggs with the rest of the ingredients (salmon, salt, pepper, chili, coriander, coconut flakes, lemon juice, onion mix, milk and flour).

The mixture shouldn’t be too runny but also not to stiff.  Fry spoon-fulls of salmon mix, 2 at a time in some oil. Turning it from side to side until golden in colour.

Serve with rice, cucumber and carrot slices, and oyster sauce – which gives that extra fishy taste.

I made a sambal to go with the fishcakes.
sambal oelek, mayonnaise, jalapeno, pepper and a bit of milk


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